twhich [ -aIrV ] [ -K command ] file
       twhich -s -K command [ -aIV ] file


       twhich  searches  each  transcript  listed  in  the  command file ( the
       default name is command.K ) for  file.   Transcripts  are  searched  in
       precedence  order.  The first transcript listed in the command file has
       the lowest precedence, the next higher, and the last has  the  highest.
       If any special files are listed, the special.T transcript will have the
       absolute highest precedence.  file must be the full decoded  path  (See
       fsdiff(1)), as listed in the transcript.

       If  file is found, twhich prints a message to the standard output indi-
       cating the transcript, line number and matching line, and  then  exits.
       With  the  -a  option,  twhich  will continue to search all transcripts
       listed in the command file for file.  With the -r option,  twhich  will
       search  for each path component, progressively building to file, behav-
       ing as above when matches are found. If a path element in file is miss-
       ing,  twhich  will  print "not found" and continue looking for the next

       The -s option is used to run twhich on a radmind server.  When run on a
       server,  the  command  file to search must be given with the -K option.
       All listed transcripts must be in the respective radmind  server  tran-
       script directory.


       -a                 list all transcripts that contain file.

       -I                 be case insensitive when comparing paths.

       -K command         specifies  a  command file, by default _RADMIND_COM-

       -s                 indicates  that  twhich  is  running  on  a  radmind

       -r                 searches for each path element in file.

       -V                 displays the version number of twhich and exits.


                          name of the default command file.

       special.T          name of the special transcript.


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