lcksum  [-%AiIqV]  [  -D path  ] [ -n [ -a ]] [ -P prefix ] -c checksum
       transcript ...


       lcksum verifies and updates the checksums and file sizes of  the  tran-
       script  transcript  line-by-line. If more than one transcript is passed
       to lcksum, all transcripts will be verified and updated.   lcksum  com-
       pares  the  checksum  and file size listed in transcript to that of the
       file in the file system.  Files must be located in file directory asso-
       ciated  with  transcript.   With the -n option lcksum verifies but does
       not modify transcript.

       If there is a difference in either the checksum or file size, the tran-
       script  line  is updated using the checksum, file size and modification
       time of the actual file.

       In update mode, lcksum may modify the file sizes  and/or  checksums  in
       transcript,  so  the  user must have write access to transcript.  If an
       error occurs during an update of transcript, lcksum removes the  tempo-
       rary copy of transcript that it created and exits with a status of 2.

       lcksum also verifies that transcript is sorted in depth first order.

       With the -P option, lcksum will only verify transcript lines with paths
       starting with prefix.


       -%                 progress output.

       -a                 continue checking on error.  Requires -n option.

       -A                 verify AppleSingle headers.

       -c checksum        enables checksuming.

       -D path            specifies the radmind working directory, by  default

       -i                 force line buffering.

       -I                 be case insensitive when compairing paths.

       -n                 verify but do not modify transcript.

       -P prefix          only verify transcript lines that begin with prefix.

       -q                 suppress all messages.

       -V                 displays the version of lcksum and a list   of  sup-


       fsdiff(1), ktcheck(1),  lapply(1),  lcreate(1),  lfdiff(1),  lmerge(1),
       lsort(1), twhich(1), radmind(8).


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