ktcheck  [-CinrV] [ -q | -v ] [ -D path ] [ -c checksum ] [ -K command-
       file ] [ -h host ] [ -p port ] [ -P ca-pem-directory ] [  -w auth-level
       ]  [  -x ca-pem-file  ]  [ -y cert-pem-file ] [ -z private-key-file ] [
       -Z compression-level ]


       ktcheck verifies a client's command file with the radmind server  host.
       The  command  file  is downloaded from host if it is missing or has the
       wrong size.  With the -c option, checksums  are  also  used  to  verify

       Reading  the  command  file line-by-line, ktcheck verifies each command
       file and transcript listed, downloading it from host if it  is  missing
       or out of date.  ktcheck ignors blank lines and comments ( lines start-
       ing with '#' ).  Included command files are read are verified using the
       same method.

       Each  special file listed in the command file is converted into a tran-
       script line in special.T with information provided by host.   See  rad-
       mind(8) for details of the STAT command.

       If  checksuming  is turned on, the special transcript is verified using
       the checksum and file size.  If either are  wrong,  the  special  tran-
       script  is  updated.   If  checksuming is turned off, the special tran-
       script is always updated.

       Files updated by ktcheck must be regular files and the user  must  have
       access to modify them.

       When  run  with the -n option, ktcheck verifies but never downloads the
       command files or transcripts.  A temporary  special.T  is  created  for
       verification and is removed on exit.


       -C                 clean _RADMIND_DIR/client.

       -c checksum        enables checksuming.

       -D path            specifies  the radmind working directory, by default

       -i                 force output line buffering.

       -h host            specifies  the  radmind  server,  by  default  _RAD-

       -K command         specifies  a  command file, by default _RADMIND_COM-

       -n                 no files modified.

       -V                 displays  the  version  of  ktcheck, a list  of sup-
                          ported checksumming algorithms in  descending  order
                          of preference and then exits.

       -v                 displays communication with the radmind server.

       -w auth-level      TLS  authorization  level, by default _RADMIND_AUTH-
                          LEVEL.  0 = no TLS, 1 =  server  verification,  2  =
                          server and client verification.

       -x ca-pem-file     Certificate   authority's   public  certificate,  by
                          default _RADMIND_TLS_CA.  The default  is  not  used
                          when -P is specified.

       -y cert-pem-file   Client's   public   certificate,  by  default  _RAD-

       -z private-key-file
                          Client's private key, by default  _RADMIND_TLS_CERT.

       -Z compression-level
                          Compress  all  outbound data.  compression-level can
                          be between 0 and 9: 1 gives best speed, 9 gives best
                          compression,  0  gives  no  compression  at all (the
                          input data is simply copied a block at a time).


                          name of the default command file.

       special.T          name of the special transcript.


       The following exit values are returned:

       0    No differences were found.

       1    Differences were found.

       >1   An error occurred.


       fsdiff(1),  lapply(1),  lcksum(1),  lcreate(1),  lfdiff(1),  lmerge(1),
       lsort(1), twhich(1), radmind(8), RAND_load_file(3o).


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