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radmind - manual pages

  • ktcheck - command and transcript check
    Compares local command file and associated transcripts with those stored on the radmind server. Retrieves command files or transcripts that require updates.
  • fsdiff - file system differences
    Compares the file system to a set of transcripts described by a command file. Produces the differences in the form of a transcript.
  • lapply - loadset apply
    Changes local machine as described by a transcript. Retrieves updated files as required from the radmind server.
  • lcreate - loadset create
    Uploads a transcript and associated files to the radmind server.
  • lcksum - loadset checksum
    Verifies the checksum and size of files associated with a transcript on the radmind server.
  • lfdiff - loadset to filesystem differences
    Compares (with diff) a local file with the version stored on the radmind server.
  • lmerge - loadset merge
    Combines two or more transcipts and coresponding files into one loadset. Works on the radmind server.

  • radmind - remote admin daemon
    Implements the radmind access protocol. Makes command files, transcripts, and files available to clients.
  • twhich - which transcript
    Prints the transcript associated with a file. Works on the radmind server or locally.
  • applefile - AppleSingle file
    Information on the format of Radmind AppleSingle Files.