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radmind on Mac OS X

For Mac OS X, we provide the Radmind Assistant, a wrapper for the radmind command-line clients. The Radmind Assistant provides a point-and-click interface to create radmind loadsets and update radmind clients. There are some screen shots available.

Download the current version of the Radmind Assistant.

Negative Transcripts

The following example negative transcripts include comments:

Review and customize these transcripts before attempting to use them!

Installing the Radmind Assistant

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or above; a radmind tool installer is included
  1. Download the Radmind Assistant.
  2. After download, double-click the disk image to mount it on the Desktop.
  3. Drag the Radmind folder to the location of your choice.
Other Mac OS X Management Resources
Compiling radmind on Mac OS X


Compiling the Radmind Assistant for Mac OS X

Requirements: 10.3.9 or above, Xcode 2.2
  1. Open the Terminal.

  2. Follow the instructions here. (Module name is radmind-assistant)

  3. Build the source and run the compiled program:
    cd radmind-assistant; make install run