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Before making a patch, be sure to read the contribution requirements.


Community contributions separate open source projects from successful open source projects. Thanks to the contibutors below whose efforts have contributed to the success of radmind! If we have somehow missed your contribution, please let us know.

  • Dave Alden - Ohio State University
    • lcksum and lmerge patch for -D option
  • Allan Chen - Stanford University
    • radmind-pc mailing list:
  • Paul Dlug - American Physical Society
  • Hauke Fath - TU Darmstadt
  • Jim Foraker - Carnegie Mellon
    • Makefile patch for builds outside source directory
  • Ofir Gal
    • Mac OS X Radmind Manual
  • Richard Glaser - University of Utah
    • Utah Radmind FAQ
  • Justin Heideman - Minneapolis College of Art and Design
    • RadMacLab - a client MAC address identification scheme for use with radmind.
  • Dustin King - Stanford University
    • Majority effort on bringing radmind-pc tools to 0.7.0.
  • Wout Mertens - Cisco Systems
    • Patch for constrained fsdiff
  • Lance Ogletree - Rice University
    • radmind-discussion mailing list
    • radmind-announce mailing list
  • Kris Steinhoff - University of Chicago
  • Maarten Thibaut - Cisco Systems
    • Patch for altNames in certificates
  • Bret Walker - Northwestern University

Developer Contact:

Send bug reports, suggestions, and comments to radmind@umich.edu. Patches are welcome, but please contact us prior to submissions to discuss format, method, etc.

Radmind Team

  • Johanna Bromberg Craig
  • Wes Craig
  • Jarod Malestein
  • Patrick McNeal
  • Andrew Mortensen

Last modified: Fri Feb 11 11:14:45 EST 2005